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2017 Volkswagen Golf R


Vehicle Information

  • Miles: 9,457
  • Color: Deep Black Pearl Metallic
  • Stock: U2706
  • Engine: Intercooled Turbo Premium Unleaded I-4 2.0 L/121
  • Fuel: Gasoline Fuel
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drivetrain: AWD

Offered by

Mohegan Lake Motors (MoheganLakeMotorsUSED)

1791 E. Main St.
Mohegan Lake NY, 10547

So from the outset, you need to know that there's not quite a gun to my head... not quite rising to the level of blackmail, but perhaps extortion since the offering is in excess of $100, but I am making this statement of my own free will.IF YOU WANT THIS CAR, YOU HAVE TO BUY IT FROM ANTHONY TEZZI AT EXTENSION #127... Ok, I got it out .. ah... you should buy this car from Tezzi... No ONE ELSE CAN SELL YOU THIS CAR! .. I feel like I'm making a hostage statement.Some back ground.. I recently was introduced to the joys of Cuban Cigars... and unfortunately with what Mr. Barry, our esteemed dealer principal pays me , buying them are out of the question. I can afford to buy a COHIBA .. but not the real deal. So when we landed this one of a kind 2017 Golf R 6 speed with DCC and Nav... the somewhat corrupt but definitely smart Mr. Tezzi suggested that if he gave me a Cuban.. a real one ... he would expect that I would steer all leads on this Black beauty to him. I was outraged! I can't be bought for ONE Cuban cigar... so he offered up TWO.. I was INSULTED.At three and one phony knock off, we can to an agreement. .. and I must say, no one is more knowledgeable or better equipped to sell you this GOLF R than Tezzi.And if you beat it out of me, the truth be told, my three year old daughter could sell this car. But just to digress, ..it's hard to understand how VW could build such an awesome car and only produce about 2500 a year with less than 750 sticks? I guess they're too busy thinking about the next Phaeton... but continuing on.If you want a Golf R stick... this is your best opportunity. Black with Black leather sport seats, totally loaded... dynamic chassis.. navigation...only 9400 miles... The absolute RIGHT ONE!..And we include VW Certification, so it's a value.. not a steal but a value and it's available and it's virtually new and I'm loving my Partagas... and.So if you are in the market for a Golf R.. this is as good as it gets... and if you happen to be a cigar smoker.. he'll spring for a couple.. and they're in his bottom left hand draw.Yes.. Anthony.. I told everyone... yes extension #127.... yes you have exclusivity... yes you're a great guy... yes.... Oh... I'm down to my last Cohiba, so maybe your extension is BUSY?

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