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2021 Audi TT Coupe


Vehicle Information

  • Miles: 4,580
  • Color: Mythos Black Metallic
  • Stock: 27618
  • Engine: Intercooled Turbo Premium Unleaded I-4 2.0 L/121
  • Fuel: Gasoline Fuel
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drivetrain: AWD

Offered by

Mohegan Lake Motors (MoheganLakeMotorsUSED)

1791 E. Main St.
Mohegan Lake NY, 10547

Mr. Barry, is our esteemed dealer principal and a person whose only claim to fame is that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His greatest attribute is the DNA and the dealership that he inherited from his father, Mr. Barry Sr. Mr. Barry's resume, reads like... well it reads like a horror story as his ONLY job prior to becoming a BIG SHOT Audi dealer was manning the drive-in at McDonald's in Mohegan Lake.And that job lasted two weeks...it ended in a train wreck when our local revered Rabbi drove up to the drive-in lane to order a fish sandwich, as he is observant and doesn't eat pork. Mr. Barry, say's Hi Rabbi, wanna try our new McRib sandwich...everyone says they're great like eating real pork ribs. Well the complaints went all the way up to Ray Croc (the founder of McDonalds) who had been dead for 15 years. They couldn't fire young Mr. Barry soon enough. Need less to say, Mr. Barry Sr. gave his son a no-show job just to cover up the scandal, and a job. After the McDonald's disaster, I'm told Mr. Barry was a bigger joke than he is today... and that's saying something.For years, Audi wouldn't even acknowledge Mr. Barry... the dealer directory didn't even list a general manager or dealer..just deceasedFast forward twenty years... we're in our new gorgeous building.... it's incredible and ... Audi LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES Mr. Barry because he built a dealership that was more expensive than the gross national product of some third world nations. . Prior to this, they wouldn't even let Mr. Barry go to a Yankee game and stay in the Audi luxury box... they gave him tickets to the Met games to get rid of him. Well times are changing... love and harmony between Mohegan and Audi and they tolerate Mr. Barry... in fact they can't do enough for him as long as it doesn't cost them any money.So Mr. Barry is invited to a day game at Yankee Stadium honoring the tri-state Audi dealers and they make a big deal over Mr. Barry. He throws out the first pitch during batting practice. You think they want him on television ? He's thrilled ... he feels like a celebrity and as he is walking out of the stadium , he see's the regional manager's Audi TT... a beautiful Mythos Black coupe quattro. Well they don't come any dumber than Mr. Barry.. he says, Is that an Audi? I've never seen a car like that... what is it? They pull him aside and he starts to cry.... I never got a whatchamcalit... what is it.. I never got one? Well he starts to lose it , so the nice regional manager flips him the keys, and says, It's yours. With two hundred people waiting to get past this grown man crying, it seemed like a brilliant move... and they didn't exactly give it away to us.Mr. Barry promised to never sell the car... and that promise lasted up to exit 6 on the Taconic Parkway. Soooooooooooooo if you ever wanted a TT .. this is your best chance and while Mr. Barry is dumber than rocks, we really really haven't had a TT in two years. Mythos Black with Black diamond cross stitched leather sports seats, all wheel drive quattro, 19 alloys, virtual cockpit, navigation, fine Nappa leather seats, LED headlightg, full powe, Bang and Olufsen sound sysem, Audi side assist, parktronic, and and .Ladies and Gentlemen, Yankee fans, Yankee Audi fans from the Audi sponsorship, and even Met fans with the Hyundai sponsorship.... Consider.this..... You want a Porsche Cayman or 911 and the entrance fee starts at $90,000 and even a cigarette lighter costs a fortune. You want a terrific true sportscar that you can drive 365 24/7 . You want an exotic sports car that your bosses won't fire you for, when you go back to the office ... You'll be demonstrating good judgement., and they should promote you.And finally, if you ever wanted a TT... this is the only new one you will find... You deserve it... go for it.

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